Companion Animals Taskforce – Lack of Transparency concerns

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Daily Liberal LISA MINNER 05 Jul, 2012 04:00 AM ABOUT 50,000 cats and dogs are euthanised in NSW annually so Dubbo-based lawyer for Companion Animals, Anne Greenaway, is demanding more pets to be desexed and is calling for backyard breeders to be licensed and regulated.She said the kill rate could be reduced by breeders and pet owners desexing their litters.“People don’t appreciate the connection between backyard breeding and not desexing their animals and the high animal euthanasia … [Read more...]

Animal laws go too far

Weekly Times Now February 8, 2012 LEGISLATION to deal with puppy farms casts too wide a net, writes CHRIS McLENNAN Even the smallest towns will have a hastily scrawled sign stuck to the inside of a cafe or garage window with that familiar introduction "Free to good home". They are about as common as the roster for the weekly fire truck run, or the footy team list that coaches freshen up each Thursday in the winter. They are not exclusive to the country and are just as obvious … [Read more...]


Please note a generic submission in response to the Discussion Paper can be found here  1494—COMPANION ANIMAL TASKFORCE Ms Clover Moore to the Minister for Local Government, and Minister for the North Coast— How many times has the Companion Animal Taskforce met? Were all members present, and if not, which were not? Were minutes take at meetings? If not, why … [Read more...]

The sadness of knowing

Examiner | February 16, 2012 The sadness of knowing Penny Eims Editorial   As most of my regular readers know, I like to use photos from when I do not have a photo for a story. My hope in using these photos is that it will bring a touch of added publicity to a homeless dog who is waiting for their own family. Earlier this week, I had one of those moments where the gravity of a situation hits you. I know that there are thousands upon thousands of dogs … [Read more...]