LETTERS: Some questions about animals

Wednesday October 31, 2012   LETTERS: Some questions about animals By Anne Greenaway Oct. 27, 2012, 4 a.m.   ¬†As principal solicitor for law firm Lawyers for Companion Animals, I have concerns about the composition of the companion animals taskforce. The taskforce has denied repeated requests to have representation on it by community rescue groups. In the United States, on the Dallas task force, more than 50per cent of the people on it are, or have … [Read more...]

Companion Animals Taskforce – Lack of Transparency concerns

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TASKFORCE – Issues surrounding lack of transparency

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GENERIC SUBMISSION – Response to Companion Animals Taskforce Discussion Paper

In August 2011 The New South Wales government established a Companion Animals Taskforce and has produced a Discussion Paper. Submissions are due by 1 July 2012. http://www.dlg.nsw.gov.au/dlg/dlghome/dlg_generalindex.asp?sectionid=1&areaindex=CATASK&documenttype=8&mi=9&ml=10 This document submission below was a collaborate effort with input from around 30 people very concerned with the high kill rates of cats and dogs in NSW. PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Input … [Read more...]


http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/hanstrans.nsf/MostRecentLA/LA COMPANION ANIMAL WELFARE Proof version as of 5/4/2012 Ms CLOVER MOORE (Sydney) [10.09 a.m.]: I move: That: (1) A select committee be appointed to inquire into companion animal welfare with the view to improving their welfare. (2) That the committee consider the following matters:   (a) The number and cause of companion animals arriving in NSW shelters and pounds each year and … [Read more...]