GENERIC SUBMISSION – Response to Companion Animals Taskforce Discussion Paper

In August 2011 The New South Wales government established a Companion Animals Taskforce and has produced a Discussion Paper. Submissions are due by 1 July 2012. This document submission below was a collaborate effort with input from around 30 people very concerned with the high kill rates of cats and dogs in NSW. PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Input … [Read more...]

Long-awaited desexing policy passed by Blacktown Council

Blacktown Sun CALLAN LAWRENCE 04 May, 2012 12:30 PM IT was a demonstration of people power that gave Blacktown councillors no option other than to adopt immediate compulsory desexing of animals sold from its pound. As the Sun reported last week, Labor councillors were set to push through an alternate voluntary policy that would have seen only a fraction of the nearly-8000 cats and dogs impounded each year desexed. Councillors said they were inundated with emails from residents and … [Read more...]

Pet death row shame

CALLAN LAWRENCE 23 Jan, 2012 01:00 AM ALREADY this year about 400 animals have had to be impounded at the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility, at a rate of about 200 a week.Cats and dogs that are not microchipped are destroyed at the pound after seven days if they are not claimed and those that are microchipped are kept for 14 days before they are killed.One volunteer who battles the odds to re-home and save some of these animals is Mel Norman, who travels an hour and a half from her home in … [Read more...]