Pets no longer just part of furniture in France

Pets no longer just part of furniture in France Pets - classed under French civil law as property like tables and chairs - are to be given a new legal status as 'sentient beings' Photo: Alamy By David Chazan, Paris 8:34PM BST 16 Apr 2014 Pets in France will no longer be considered as pieces of furniture, after parliament voted to grant them new rights. This should make it easier to prosecute cases of animal cruelty and help courts … [Read more...]

Abandoned pets look for homes as shelters overflow

3 January, 2013 12:14PM AEDT Abandoned pets look for homes as shelters overflow ABC North Coast NSW By Margaret Burin As with every year during the holiday season, animal shelters around the state are overflowing with dogs and cats that have fled their homes or been abandoned. We visited a north coast animal rescue centre and met some of the pets looking for a loving home. Animals occupy every room of the Lismore Animal Rights and Rescue Centre. Even the bathroom is … [Read more...]

LETTER: Blessed are the pet volunteers

LETTER: Blessed are the pet volunteers By Geoff Davidson Newcastle Herald Dec. 25, 2012, 10:30 p.m. THE Hunter is blessed to be home to a network of volunteer groups working to rehome pets deemed surplus by  society. Hunter Animal Rescue, Dog Rescue Newcastle, Newcastle Pound Pooch etc help to reduce kill rates at local council pounds to a mere fraction of that of the large, better-known and better-funded animal welfare organisations. Spare a thought this holiday … [Read more...]

Veterinarians say “no” to pet’s having legal sentimental value

INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL LAW   Most people would think that veterinarians would be the first professionals to support the concept that pets have sentimental value. After all, many veterinarians (particularly those in companion animal practice) witness the emotional attachment on a daily basis, and derive a substantial amount of their income from money that emotionally attached pet-owners spend on looking after their pet. So why do you think the Texas Veterinary Medical Association … [Read more...]