14 Feb, 2012 01:00 AM


ANIMAL lovers are being given a chance to help shape Melton Council’s new animal management plan.

A committee will be formed to review the shire’s existing domestic animal management plan, consider public submissions and recommend amendments.

Western Suburbs Animal Rescue Service spokesman Nathan Miles said the decision would be positive for animal welfare.

“I’m really happy the mayor has taken such a proactive approach … he has listened to the community.”

Mr Miles said changes to legislation and the shire’s rapid population growth presented many animal management challenges.

The committee will be chaired by a councillor and have at least one community representative from each council ward.

Council’s plan aims to encourage responsible pet ownership, provide information on day-to-day operations of animal welfare programs, address any over-population and high euthanasia rates for dogs and cats, and minimise the potential for dogs and cats to create a nuisance.

Mr Miles said he wanted improved bedding and extended opening hours at Melton’s pound.

“Wyndham Council has a direct phone number for the pound; Melton should have the same,” he said.

“If someone calls up looking for a dog, there is no proper after-hours service.”

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