By Geoff Davidson
Newcastle Herald

THE Hunter is blessed to be home to a network of volunteer groups working to rehome pets deemed surplus by  society.

Hunter Animal Rescue, Dog Rescue Newcastle, Newcastle Pound Pooch etc help to reduce kill rates at local council pounds to a mere fraction of that of the large, better-known and better-funded animal welfare organisations.

Spare a thought this holiday period for the dedicated foster carers and volunteers who are the backbone of these organisations, whose homes are often overflowing this time of year dealing with the usual Christmas surge in strays and surrenders from the local pounds, and who cover while other volunteers are on holidays.

Or – better still – volunteer. As the saying goes, ‘‘A pet is for life not for Christmas’’, but fostering over the summer holidays is a great chance to experience the joy that a cat or dog can bring to your household, even if travel or work commitments the rest of the year mean you cannot commit to a full-time pet of your own.

Plus it’s a great feeling to know that you have helped save a life.

Geoff Davidson,



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  • Geoff

    Dog Rescue Newcastle have an info table at Westfield Kotara (outside Coles) for the next week if anyone wishes to find out more about fostering, or about volunteering in any other capacity such as transport, admin etc.

  • Agree with you wholeheartedly Geoff!!! Too many people continually disregard the fact that pets ARE FOR LIFE!! THEIR LIFE!! They are not just another commodity to be disposed of when the novelty wears off, or they are no longer “little and cute”. Parents should teach their children to love & respect another living creature, and if they can’t do that then they shouldn’t even consider taking on an animal of any species… even a bird in a cage!

    Our experience with HAR is wonderfully harmonious and the folk we’ve dealt with nothing short of exceptional!! We are now in the “senior” category but have recently adopted 2 HAR kittens who have rewarded us with unconditional love. If we were younger we’d have our hand up to foster more unwanted pets, without question.

    Are we a society who no longer have any sensitivity towards each other or animals?? Come on… there must be plenty of folk out there who have a big back yard in which they can foster a couple of  dogs, or some space for a puss or two!! Ask yourself.. “do I want to save these deserving animals from euthanasia?”

    Kaye Frost-Smith

  • 1257Juliew

    Hunter Animal Rescue are the best! I know the president Jaime abbot well – and they do amazing work for mistreated dogs in Newcastle

  • Christy

    Could not agree more. In the last few years grass root foster care rescue has taken over and is now a massive movement of people helping animals 24 7 without them having to ever experience the riggers of going into a “animal welfare shelter”. This is the new movement that has 100% non kill and has no age barrier. People take these animal into their homes and of the new groups I have been associated with over this past year will take any animal and work on any issues with 100% success rate. This is because these people care and they will go the extra mile to make sure non fall through the gaps.  Face book is a huge network that aids this new transformation and it does not have opening or closing hours and every facet of animal care is available at the touch of a keyboard. Rescuing, transport, medical attention, training, advertising and rehoming and the most rewarding is the after photos with the new pet with their new family.

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