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JEFF Corbett (‘‘A dog’s life, or death’’ Herald 26/10) – there is a link between the RSPCA’s kill rates and puppy breeding, but not just the one assumed.

So few animals pass RSPCA’s temperament test that RSPCA Rutherford regularly has only eight to 10 dogs available on its Adoptapet website, compared with more than 100 from the Hunter rescue groups on the PetRescue site.

Very few on Adoptapet have photos and write-ups which allow a potential owner to work out whether it’s worth the trip to Rutherford to view the animal. Yet it seems RSPCA NSW could produce a video excusing its kill rates and profits in the six days between the SBS Insight program being filmed and it airing.

As a foster carer for a rescue group, I hear all the time, ‘‘We looked at RSPCA, but they didn’t have anything suitable.’’

A properly functioning RSPCA working with rescue groups could cut a swathe through the puppy farm/unregistered breeder industry. How many more must die before the RSPCA is reformed?

Geoff Davidson, Ourimbah





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