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LETTER: Just acting naturally



I AM mortified and completely stunned by the method of points calculation for the destruction of dogs (‘‘Point score: how to test temper’’, Herald 17/10).

The method of penalty point calculation for reaction to completely normal dog behaviour beggars belief.

It is apparent to me that those who developed the test criteria and those carrying it out are far removed from reality.

The RSPCA has been criticised in many circles concerning its direction. This compounds those views.

If a dog won’t give up a toy – it’s 20per cent on its way to death. It barks at a cat – now it’s 30per cent on its way. The dog is startled by sudden noise from the assessor – 40per cent on its way.

Get real. It makes it look like the RSPCA hates dogs.

Roll on the real rescue helpers, like Sue Barker, founder of Dog Rescue Newcastle. I’m with you.

This morning my 12-week-old pointer retrieved the paper from the gate by himself. How many points does he get for that?

Or was that a selfish act and because he holds it for a while, should I kill 20per cent of him?

Gavin Simpson, Eraring

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