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By Geoff Davidson, Ourimbah

THE Companion Animal Conference to be held at Warners Bay on  February 2  is a welcome development.

I urge councillors and interested ratepayers from Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Maitland and Cessnock councils to attend.

These councils currently outsource their pound facilities to RSPCA NSW, despite knowing that organisation’s kill rates are over 50per cent, several times higher than Hunter councils that co-operate with rescue groups.

Councillors, please come along and see that a better alternative is possible – the grassroots rescue groups live it every day.


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Jenny Cares

Rescue, working together, rehomes so many animals from pounds. It is possible and we are doing it. I will be attending in order to meet new rescue people so that we can work together to rescue even more. Shame on RSPCA.



I think the councils need to consult with the animal rescue groups to come up with a plan that works. Four council areas feeding into one RSPCA obviously is not going to work.



Why would you think that council’s feeding into the RSPCA is not going to work?, excuse? when in fact they have a huge kill rate and a huge budget, the question that need’s to be asked is: Why do you get so much money from the public, why do you promote yourself as a society that protects animals when in fact you kill more than you save, please explain RSPCA?!!, why are you involved in legislation in regard to NSW’s Companion Animal Act when in fact your actions contradict alot of the Act, in respect to looking after animals, where is the cash RSPCA??.
I totally agree with you in regard to rescue groups, but in my opinion, education is the main thing that needs to be done, time for a profit reaping society to be held to account.

When will the State Gov throw some cash to people who care for animals without being a business?, Andrew Cornwell MP is a member of a Companion animal taskforce, maybe he can source some cash for the people who help animals and not the ones who care about profits, Andrew?  Regards Bob



We desparately need to have an alternative to all animals going to the Rutherford RSPCA. Not only are they over utilized they have a huge kill rate and do no allow rescues to take from their facility
There are many other things that can be done such as public education. I run a catch desex realease rescue where I am working to eliminate the unhomed animals in my area. It would be wonderful to have resources to help other communities do the same.

I urge all councillors to attend and hope there are some positive outcomes from this conference


CARE for Pets

Please publish contact details to book for Companion Animal Conference



You can find conference details at Facebook page Companion Animal Rescuers and Advocates Conference.

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Well said and I’ve secured my registration already.



The RSPCA at Rutherford now has the dubious honour of killing more animals than any other RSPCA in the state. The facility at Rutherford was built to house animals from 2 councils but the RSPCA at Rutherford has taken on lucrative contracts from 2 additional councils without expanding their facility. So this disastrously high kill rate is a foreseeable result. Residents of Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Maitland and Cessnock should be horrified at the statistics. I urge councillors and residents of all 4 councils to please attend the conference as a first step to changing things for the better for the companion animals in our region. 

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