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LETTER: RSPCA is not to be blamed


I DON’T know why some people blame the RSPCA for the number of animals being put to sleep.

The blame lies with those in our society who are given or buy pets, especially at Christmas, and, once the novelty wears off, leave the poor animals at the shelters or dump them.

Some animals are abused and because of this can be aggressive or have bad behaviour.

Except for breeders, everyone should have to have their animals desexed, so there are no unwanted litters.

Some of the animals have no chance with people who couldn’t give a damn about their welfare.

The RSPCA does a wonderful job, and it would be impossible to house all animals that are left on their doorstep.

Anne Edwards, Mayfield East

  • Geoffd

    But RSPCA denies that it kills cats and dogs for lack of market demand/space reasons, it says all of them are killed for temperament & medical reasons, with kill rates way out of step with others.  Rutherford RSPCA regularly has only 8-10 dogs available for rehoming on RSPCA’s Adoptapet website (mostly without photos and/or write-ups), whereas the hunter rescue groups typically have over 100 available between them.  So it’s not trying very hard to rehome the lucky ones that do survive the notorious temp test.

  • Bobg

    “Except for breeders, everyone should have their animals desexed, so there are no unwanted litters”, so Anne, breeders breed a heap of litters for nothing do they?, ofcourse they don’t, they breed for the mighty $, some say they are “improving” the breed by breeding the litters, if that is the case why do they sell inferior animals instead of selectively culling out bad dogs?. I got a Boxer bitch from one of the registered breeders and it took me 3 months to keep her tail out from between her legs, terrified dog and it was mainly at feed times, she was an ugly dog in a mix of better quality ones, you draw your own conclusion to that, she now eats out of the same bowl as her mate the other Boxer bitch. There are organisations out there that look after dogs better than the RSPCA.

  • what a joke.

    I rescued an abused dog and gave him a great home with our family, until he was riddled with cancer and we had to put him down. That poor dog had been through hell, but did he deserve to die? No, he deserved love and respect – more so than a lot of humans that I know. Your letter, Anne, completely misses the point of the article about Max.

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  • Melissa

    Anne, RSPCA Rutherford seems refuses to let rescue groups in to take animals.

    I would say *some* of the RSPCA does a wonderful job and some areas do NOT.

    I agree it is irresponsible humans who are ultimately to blame. The RSPCA should be offering free/subsidised desexing of companion animals, and it should be compulsory. That would go a long way to preventing the problem. Right now though, there are animals being killed needlessly every day – we need to help them now!

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