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LETTER: RSPCA, we’re waiting



AS foster carers for Newcastle Dog Rescue, we assure Andrew Cornwell (“Animals are not the problem, it’s people” Herald 19/10) that we are very aware of the need to accurately assess the temperament of any dog before placing it in a new home.

But describing the RSPCA’s test as rigorous and fair is incorrect. Rigorous, certainly, but fair, hardly.

Many dogs that end up in the RSPCA system are there because they have been lost or dumped by their owners, and many of them have been badly treated.

To expect them to behave normally is an unreasonable expectation.

We know from our own experience that dogs that are nervous, worried and fearful when we get them, almost always settle down after just a few days in a normal family environment.

Our policy is to keep and observe the dogs in this situation until we understand their basic temperament and quirks. Do they like children? Do they get on with other dogs?

Having established these matters, we then list each dog for adoption on our website and will release it only to owners we feel will suit it.

Surely this is a kinder and more reliable method of assessment than simply expecting a stressed dog to conform to an arbitrary checklist?

This is why we do not understand the RSPCA’s refusal to work with groups such as ours.

Obviously, a large organisation such as RSPCA does not have the ability to provide this level of attention, but not-for-profit organisations like Dog Rescue Newcastle do this work every day and are responsible for saving the lives of countless abandoned animals.

We stand ready to work with the RSPCA whenever it becomes prepared to include us.

Ken and Caroline Moore, Brandy Hill


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  • Tlouisn

    Well stated Ken and Caroline. Dog Rescue Newcastle do an amazing job rehabilitating and rehoming dogs to approved and checked homes. They do it all on a shoestring budget, unlike the RSPCA which has many millions in the coffers and is always begging for more. I’d like to see them spend some of that stockpile on free and cheap desexing to reduce the number of unwanted and accidental litters. The ones that the dog’s owner think will never happen to them.

  • Ccornish

    So true. Well said. Listen up RSPCA.

  • Ccornish

    Exactly right Dog Rescue Newcastle. I love your work. I check your face book page regularly and all my donations and help go to you now. NOT THE RSPCA.

    Start hearing the voices RSPCA and get your act together. Your supposed to help all creatures great n small. Not bloody kill them.

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  • Katts71

    What many seem to not undrstand is that the 40% KILL rate for the RSPCA is ONLY for dogs!!! If you include all companion animals the KILL rate is in fact closer to 60% of all animals placed in RSPCA NSW!!!
    For an animal WELFARE organisation this is DEPLORABLE!!!!

  • Pinkyferals

    Absolutely well said ken and caroline. As a fellow carer with dog rescue, one of the most important things is to have the dog in a safe loving environment to which it will show its true colours. Rescue groups are so much more compassionate and realistic compared to the RSPCA temperment tests which is outrageous. Dog rescue struggle to get donations to help as many dogs as possible and the people involved are very much loving, dedicated animal lovers who do whatever it takes for a animal to find happiness again that they deserve… proud of all rescues and to be involved myself.

  • Jo Wants Oscars Law

    I also foster dogs for a rescue group before we find them their furever home. I am appalled at the RSPCA temperament test… A pound environment is a very scary place for even the most placid pet, loud barking, thousands of smells, people prodding them and dogs / cats everywhere. Not only would this be terrifying to an already abused or neglected animal, but it will be equally terrifying to a lost loved companion who is used to a loving home and lounging on a couch in peace. Pick up your game rspca and remember your original goal to protect these animals

  • Anne Greenaway

    What a sensible letter.

    It is such a shame that NSW’s “leading” animal welfare organisation choses to kill animals that other rescue groups make the time and effort to rehabilitate.

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