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LETTER: Death-row pets don’t need to die



EVERY year more than 250,000 dogs and cats are killed in our shelters and pounds.

The number keeps rising and the cruelty and neglect associated with it is heartbreaking.

For many years, small animal rescue charities have worked at the coalface of this tragic situation, saving unwanted dogs and cats from the public and unclaimed animals on death row from the many pounds around the country.

Many also have been assisting low-income people with desexing their animals by working within their communities. They do all this on very limited budgets and most involved are volunteers.

How long are we to sit by and watch as our major animal welfare organisation fails to use the public’s donated funds to save more lives than it does now?

The time for change is now.

Barbara Steffensen, Pam Holmes

Supported by more than 90 Australian rescue groups


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