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Celeste’s Story

Celeste is a long hair Manx (Cymric), being only some 8 months old when she and her beautiful kittens were dumped at a Sydney pound, where she, and her kittens ended up on the kill-List, along with a great number of cats and kittens in New South Wales pounds at that time.

Celeste and her lovely kittens were rescued from being euthanized and went into foster care in Sydney. Unfortunately, as often occurs after cats/kittens are rescued from pounds, Celeste and her kittens fell victims to a particularly virulent strain of cat-flu which was decimating young kittens in Sydney at that time. While Celeste survived, unfortunately all her kittens perished. The death of her kittens as well as unusual surroundings impacted negatively on Celeste. She appeared to become depressed, withdrawn and timid, which is most unlike the usual lovely character and nature of manx and cymric cats.

Celeste is believed to have been dumped by one of the unregistered breeders of Manx and Cymric operating in NSW, who appear to use pounds to dispose of unwanted breeding cats and/or kittens. The absence of microchip implant for Celeste is another trait of unregistered breeders.

To enable maximum opportunity for Celeste to regain her typical lovely Manx/Cymric personality and to find the right person/family, Celeste flew from Sydney to Adelaide to foster care. It was not any easy task for Celeste to regain her wonderful nature and this eventually occurred solely as the result of the love, care and attention she received from her foster carer’s “cat-whispering” teenage daughter.

Not surprisingly, the strong bond which developed between Celeste and her young “cat whisperer”, as well as her also bonding with her foster carer, resulted in gorgeous Celeste being a “foster failure” to become a valued member of the family, where she is much loved by all, including the other cats with which she is also closely bonded.

Celeste’s story is a happy one. Sadly many cats that are dumped, or surrendered at pounds are killed.  Celeste has gone from being an unhappy, timid survivor to a stunning” Show Girl” who does exceedingly well on South Australian show benches due to her high compliance with the pedigree standard for manx/cymric.

The photograph taken on the left was taken shortly after Celeste was rescued from death row at a Western Sydney Pound. The photo on the right is a recent photograph of Celeste where she is a much loved family member.


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