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A CLAIM by the Nowra RSPCA that two dogs in its care had found homes when in fact they had been put down has upset animal advocates.

On the RSPCA Nowra Facebook page a photo was posted of a group of people with six dogs on July 29.

At least two of those dogs had been euthanased by the RSPCA, bringing into doubt the organisation’s claims of the number of animals it adopts out.

The Facebook issue was raised by Tony Twining, a volunteer with the Nowra branch of the RSPCA shelter between February and May this year.

Mr Twining said the two dogs that he knew about, Reg and Max, had been put down in May.

“When the RSPCA published this on Facebook saying these dogs had found their forever homes they knew those two dogs were dead,” Mr Twining said.

“I’m upset that I’m in that photo, it’s quite offensive, I feel like I’m complicit in that lie.

“I am also concerned that it is still on their Facebook page.

“RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman claims to have investigated the issue but the page is still there,” Mr Twining said.

The Register contacted Mr Coleman who confirmed that photo did appear on the RSPCA Facebook page but believed it had been taken down.

“I understand where he [Mr Twining] was coming from,” he said.

“He’s obviously annoyed we’ve misled people. Some days later one of those dogs had been euthanased. It was never the intent to mislead or misrepresent anything at the time when that photo and caption went up.

“We’re an organisation that isn’t perfect and is striving to do better, but the energy needs to be channelled into reducing the number of animals brought to us,” Mr Coleman said.

Lawyers for Companion Animals principal Anne Greenaway is an animal welfare campaigner who believes the organisation is more concerned with making money than animal welfare.

“This is not the first report I am aware of that the NSW RSPCA has stated that an animal has found a home when in fact the animal has been killed,” Ms Greenaway said.

“RSPCA counselled Tony Twining on his comments on a Facebook page, yet they did not and still have not removed their false comments on that same Facebook page, despite being fully aware that the comments were false.”


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    • Donna Hharker

      Terrible to think they ring people up and make them aware when their surrender animal has been rehomed… who knows how many people are happy to know their once loved pet is with another loving family when really the animal has been euthanized!!

    • This is just another example of the RSPCA being more concerned about its image and bank balance than the animals it professes to care about. Mr Coleman, what *are* you doing to try to reduce the number of animals brought to you? Wide-spread free desexing would be a good place to start, wouldn’t it?

    • Jane Fisher

      I will never ever donate money to the RSPCA, they don’t do the right thing a lot of the time and still they get funding of millions of dollars. My hard earned money will be going to small no kill shelters who have to do all their wn fund raising with no help from the government. Check out Facebook, there are any amount of them, mostly run by volunteers who are real animal lovers.

    • Bellahoudini

      A campaign to encourage donations to your local rescue groups who scour the pounds for cats and dogs that can be rehomed instead of the RSPCA perhaps.

    • Bellahoudini

      This is unacceptable. Thankyou Tony for standing up and alerting us to this behavior. And thankyou to all the people from the staff who care to the people who rescue and foster. And to put it nicely may the fleas of a thousand unwanted dogs and cats infest the underwear of all those who dont love and take care of animals they are responsible for. Get your act together RSPCA!

  • Pogo

    “1. Animals have an intrinsic value of their own and, accordingly, must be considered to possess the right to live in a way which enables them to have a positive life and to develop and enjoy their inherent qualities.” This is the first paragraph of their own charter. The kill rate they employ and the standards in use at the moment make it very easy for them to euthanaise and dispose of animals who would be taking up funds that may be better self serving to some Executive. Their CEO Steve Coleman always has a well rehearsed spin response whenever their misdeeds are exposed, which he repeats ad nauseum. The Inspectorate and other Executive moved from Yagoona some time ago, where rents were nil to the Olympic Complex where according to recent Annual Reports the costs are in excess of half million dollars p.a. Then we have 2 of the past Presidents who undertake prosecutions on their own behalf. The amounts of money going to their own firms is staggering. One case alone, a single 70+ lady in the central west of NSW, in the middle of the drought has been billed in excess of $450000.00 for ‘legal costs” – payable to them of course. There are far more excesses on record about the actions of certain parties at the very top.To raise some of these actions, results in immediate threat of massive court actions, paid for by – yep, you guessed it – out of cupcake drives, million paws walks, branch fund raising etc. Take a look at their current web site. Many ways to donate, very few on the help they offer. The sooner certain carpet bagger style persons are removed the sooner the Society will return to their old and intrinsic values.

  • Helen

    To dispel a couple of misconceptions/myths: the RSPCA does NOT OWN the Nowra shelter, the Council does. This means that the RSPCA is limited in what it can and cannot put in – only ‘things’ which can be taken if they fail to win the contract when it comes up for renewal. The RSPCA Nowra Branch is NOT the shelter – the Branch pays for items for the shelter. Some shelters are owned by the RSPCA, but not the Shoalhaven – those owned by the RSPCA are not limited in what they can have, the Shoalhaven shelter is. Take note Adam Wright – as a ‘reporter’ you should be doing your homework prior to writing inflammatory articles (I think it’s termed ‘getting both sides of the story’).

    I have no idea what RSPCA NSW does with all the money it receives – apart from updating the Yagoona shelter (which needed it badly) and paying the inspectors (who put up with a lot of crap [although one inspector deserves what s/he gets] from the public when doing their job (with limited resources) and the education section (may go to schools, etc, to educate only when a request has been put to the various RSPCA education teams). Don’t beat the inspectors, NSW is a large State (much, much larger than the ACT, and the inspectors have so much more territory to cover. Animals are given ‘extension of life’ (to put it crudely) by being sent to other shelters around the State to better their chances. Nowra Shelter is small, it cannot hold all the animals it receives (nor has the funds to do so), and if no other shelter is willing to take an animal, unfortunately … . Blame the Council if you wish to divvy blame – there is no maximum to the number of animals on a property, suburbia or country; there is no law against back yard breeders, either! Wandering animals and strays are, by law, to go the Shelter.

    Charging for animals at the shelter: duh! Do people honestly think the shelters should just give away animals that have not been ‘fixed’ so the back yard breeders and those who mistreat animals (prevalent in the Shoalhaven) can continue to contribute to the misery of animals? They are no doubt acquiring animals from the newspaper which are being given away for some reason or other, as it is! The costs are for the microchipping, vaccinations, any medical treatment the animal enters the pound (flea treatment, deworming), etc. What do you want, people? Freebies? Don’t mistake the shelters for the head office of RSPCA: the individual shelters still have to raise their own funds; the head office divvies funds between all the shelters on an ‘as needed’ basis (or so it appears).

    Bequests and wills: let’s just say ‘BullS()^’ to such scaremongering comments. Do a bit of research before making such comments, please. It’s fantastic that people are making comments against euthanasia and wastage of funds, but it is NOT the RSPCA as a whole, so don’t mislead other readers with your comments. Don’t subject all RSPCA folk with cranky, vitriolic (albeit heartfelt!) comments of condemnation and damnation. Reserve them for the deserving!

    I would love the Australian Government (and local Council) to get their acts together and bring in an ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) AND animal specific poisons centre (which the US also has, by the way) style of laws and regulations, but they won’t (as opposed to can’t – similar to the live export trade where it is also a matter of won’t, not can’t).

    I totally agree with many comments here, in spite of being a contributor to and member of the local RSPCA branch, but don’t bite all of us, please. There are some duds, but there are also many of us who are genuine in their attempts to change things for the better. It is, however, up to local Councils and the Australian Government (whoever is in – no presiding Government has had the gumption to change laws re animal welfare (live exports a prime example, as are back yard breeders and animal farmers). It is the magistrates and judges who give lenient sentences, if any!, and fines to perpretrators – leaving the RSPCA way out of pocket in expenses. Go after them, not the inspectors or the RSPCA.

    In leaving: I have also had ‘words’ with the powers that be over animal welfare issues (RSPCA, Council, local members); feel free to write also, don’t just voice you disapproval in a comments section – that will NOT get action!

  • Vonnie

    RSPCA NSW has the highest euthanasia rate of any state and we know why. They have such blatant disregard for the animals in their care and would prefer to kill them than work with reputable rescue groups. Steve Coleman wont name them and interestingly no one has come forward… More lies ?? it will only be when the donations start drying up that they will pay attention. Exploiting animals for a photo opportunity and and a bit of PR to fool people into giving donations and then killing them several days later is just vile. Only RPSCA ACT tries to save them and the rest ride on their success.

  • Paul Archer

    The RSPCA NSW should be the subject of a public investigation into how it uses it’s money and resources and why, given those resources that it clearly has, why it’s rehoming rates are so low compared to best practice animal shelters around the world. Also RSPCA should be stripped of its animal cruelty mandate as it clearly cannot do both well – animal cruelty prosecution AND animal shelters. One or the other , but not both

  • Kanelli

    How low can you go…to use the animals for fundraising before killing and to lie. Can’t use ‘didn’t pass the behavioural test’ excuse here, as these dogs were trusted enough to be with the general public.

    I use to be a foster carer for RSPCA Yagoona. My last two foster Mum cats would have been euthanased as they were not coping at the Shelter. A friend was good enough to adopt one for half price … has they had 1/2 price promotions at the time. With the other, I adopted, the RSPCA knew I only adopted to save but they still charged me full price for the adoption. A pensioner who was a foster carer had to pay full price for a cat she didn’t want, to save from being put down…despite the fact she was a long term fundraiser for them…once again how low can you go?

    I had a litter of kittens … two didn’t find homes immediately so became sick with the flu at the Shelter. A RSPCA Vet phoned me to foster the kittens again, or they would be euthanased. This is after I had already treated the kittens for flu and ringworm before. What if I had gone on holidays during that time? I now wonder whether they would have been truthful to me about killing and about the others I have fostered. How can one trust the RSPCA?

  • “The energy needs to be channelled into reducing the number of animals brought ” says Steve Coleman. I think that the RSPCA are in the ideal situation–because they are a well-known organisation , financially it is affordable for them-and because they have a voice that the government hears –to do something about de-sexing of companion animals–and making it affordable for those sectors of our community who cannot afford de-sexing at a vet.How about mobile de- sexing vans that can travel to the places where this is so needed. Nor do I accept that this is the problem. I strongly disagree with you Steve Coleman. When Nathan Winograd worked with shelters in the USA he found that No Kill was not only possible –but achievable. He worked with the public in the areas where the shelters were and he found that overwhelmingly local people wanted to help re-home animals. He proved this in 3 very different parts of the USA. The RSPCA should try it–instead of killing so many animals who have the mis-fortune to end up in an RSPCA shelter. The Australian public are not going to stand by and watch so many precious animals be killed. Stand up and be counted Steve Coleman

  • CompassionKat

    “He’s obviously annoyed we’ve misled people” wow…I thought Mr. Coleman was adept at misleading people. I know I was misled about the RSPCA until I heard about their massive kill-rates, their $40 million hefty share and investment portfolio, and their $10 million profit last year, all accumulated at the expense of the healthy dogs and cats ruthlessly killed by this so-called animal welfare organisation. Now I hear about this latest pathetic incident. What a sad and offensive way to hoodwink the community.

  • Simone

    God, how disgusting you have become RSPCA, you might as well become a serial killer for animals, you dont care for them your all bloody money hungry, SHAME SHAME ON YOU…. I am no longer donating to your pockets..

  • Vonnie

    Unacceptable RSPCA !!! What else are you lying about ? Your euthanasia stats are disgraceful and you are taking donations to save animals on false pretences. You will be held accountable for misleading the public make no mistake. Enough is enough .

  • Connie

    How many times can the RSPCA do this BEFORE something is done??? Oh I forgot THEY are the only ones who can make a valid complaint to the court!!

  • Gayl deveney

    How long is the RSPCA going to get away with all the lies and killing of healthy animals?? It has gone on for long enough, too many animals have been killed for no reason!! It’s about time the RSPCA were held accountable for the disgusting happenings within their network!!

  • thaddeas

    Used to attend million paws walk, hold a regular stall and donate our takings to the RSPCA, but not now. The RSPCA has gone over to the dark side. Instead of being an organisation which educates and persuades people, it has become part of the modern day state apparatus. Like DOCS, it now knocks on your door and demands to see your pet. Next we will see manditory notifications for allegedly abused pets. I stopped supporting the RSPCA when they started acting like the Gestapo. Going out to people’s homes without permission; jumping fences when the owner isn’t at home. Claiming they know best when you should see the way they treat animals in their care at the Nowra pound. No the RSPCA has lost its way. More interested in reality TV shows and playing to the media than in their sacred duty to help animals

  • Susan

    ‘He’s obviously annoyed we’ve misled people” I think you’re onto it, Steve Coleman.
    Quite a lot of us are, obviously, very annoyed.

  • Robyn.

    the RSPCA runs the Nowra pound ( along with many other ones ) & they charge people $100 to surrender an animal with them & if you go there to adopt a dog they charge $320.Even if the animal that is surrendered has already been desexed they still get $320 for the dog.I just have to wonder where all the money goes???Mr Coleman said they need to work on not getting so many animals surrendered….well perhaps with all their profits they are making they could offer people a reduction in the cost of desexing dogs or cats.To me that would make better sense than having all that money in a bank account.It would be like investing in the future for the betterment of animals.Sorry but I have lost faith in the RSPCA

  • What on earth is this??!!!!,..RSPCA are you just a money making business?.I thought so…I bet you have nice homes, money, holidays and those like me, millions of fellow contributors and advocates don’t have enough food to eat every day because we send it to you, so our beloved animals are saved, not KILLED. How many more have you been killing!?. The money you get and other KILL shelters get is to keep your business going, is that it?.Thats what it is, just business for you all. I believe you have stopped caring for animals, and this is not first time that a killing of an animal in your care had happened.Someone must look into the way RSPCA and KILL SHELTERS run their so-called businesses and find where the money really does go.

    It is time to get rid of organisations who take money and do with it as they please. The money is to SAVE animals not KILL them. Be rid of councils and institutions that KILL, period..It is 2012 and the time is now. People are not stupid!.You had your way, and in the past have excused your actions and today are still doing the same thing, but what you need to truly realise, is that these excuses are costing innocent beatuful lives of these animals. People will not accept the killings. What is needed now, is to have a thorough investigation and consequences need to be issued. People need to pay for these cruel and uncessessary mistakes. Millions have been given to you and many other places and there was always an enormous amounts of donations and advocates contributing to the cause to actually save lives. I feel sick to think being a fellow advocate and regular contributor to bear witness to these actions. You would had been better to invested in the prevention of all KILL Shelters, which we have and DO NOT want! and save ANIMALS than what you’ve been doing.

    I pity you and places like yours. I pitty you all.

  • Naomi

    Not good enough!

  • Mumzy

    They should watch Animal Planet. The shows on there about the different ASPC’S in America show how it really should be here in Australia. These officers really care about the animals and don’t worry about the money. l don’t donate to them anymore either. l prefer to donate to Pets Haven in Victoria as they do a fantastic job with the animals.

  • Sue Seiver

    RSPCA you are disgusting. You are nothing but lying, money hungry people who dont give a damn about the animals Welfare. I will continue to tell everyone i know, how pathetic you really are. Rescue groups do the Real wonders with rehabilitating and rehoming animals, you are just a big joke. You have all the funding you need to help so many animals, yet, you continue to let them all down, time and time again. The public trust you- but rest assured, this is about to change!

  • whyme

    how do we know that the animals didnt develop a illness suddenly when they were meant to be adopted- wont be a first nor last time that has occured- how many pet shop pets look healthy then are violently ill not long later? you cant blame the staff at these shelters for things out of their control. Nowra shelter is doing a great job at rehoming and transfering animals to try to find them homes – shame other shelters cant say the same – Perhaps people should try working where these staff do rather than sittingin their high horse- it is a horrible jo at times and they have to switch off or send themselves mad with the work they do. all good for you bleeding earts who want to help.

  • Whyme in reply to your post
    “how do we know that the animals didn’t develop a illness suddenly when they were meant to be adopted”
    we know because the RSPCA have a kill rate of just under 50% and if these dogs had died of an illness as you suggest then you can bet your life that the RSPCA spin would have had sad pics of them all over the media asking for donations for them.
    And please don’t lecture us on what a hard job they have-what the hell do you think most of us do?, thats right we scramble around to try and save animals before the RSPCA gets their hands on them and we save and rehome more then the NSW RSPCA.
    So yes, these dogs did die from an illness, its an illness called self interest and greed.
    Agree it must be a horrible job at times, thank goodness that most of us are non kill or very low kill.

  • whyme

    well you clearly are tarring all shelters with same brush. I have no doubt some have terrible records BUT i DO know that nowra shleter has had a massive change in thinking and rehoming – unlike a few years ago they now do as much as possible. unfortunatley cost is prohbitive and i dont think anyone can save ‘no/low kill’ if they are realsitic. I persoannly have seen many dogs that should not of been rehomed for aggressive/behaviour issues that endanger other animals and people- yet they bend over backward to help as best they can but many should never be rehomed . Shame more people dont take into account the people who have to pick up the pieces of these dogs taht are rehomed that shouldnt be

  • whyme-we are so tied of that rubbish “unfortunatley cost is prohbitive” what a load of rubbish, NSW RSPCA made a profit last year of nearly $10 million- rescue groups have shown how it can be done and they dont get paid a cent! .
    Again if the RSPCA cant do the job-get out of the bloody way and let us in.

    (Edited by a moderator)

  • Anne Greenaway

    This is not about the animals suddenly getting sick. This is about KNOWINGLY lying on Facebook and failing to correct the record. The CEO was written to about this issue yet the lie remained on Facebook until media got involved.

  • Anne Greenaway

    My question to Steve Coleman is why has the Nowra RSPCA now taken down the Facebook photo and lies that were told. Surely the decent thing to do would be to CORRECT THE RECORD and tell the truth, rather than just remove the photo as if these lies never occurred.

    It is most regrettable that there is no OMBUDSMAN for the RSPCA. If there was, I have no doubt this office would be inundated with complaints.

    “He’s obviously annoyed we’ve misled people.”

    Yes Steve, many people are upset and annoyed, not just the brave Tony Twinning who came forward in this matter, after writing a detailed letter to yourself on 4 September 2012.

    Animal lovers are sick to death of the lies and spin.

    Please expect more adverse media stories, while RSPCA NSW continues to lie and continues to reject NO KILL strategies which have been proven to save lives.

  • Profit

    Wow, such passion from the commentry. Managing pet over population is a huge issue and the focus doesnt seem to be on cause but on the outputs, more unwanted pets being dumped). Is it our wonderful NSW laws that actively restrict responsible pet ownership by hiking up the costs to actually own a dog? (its not an Act about cats at all!) And then theres all the ‘pet-ty politics’ between the wonderful people involved in animal rescue. Wonder what that task force thingy is going to tell us about dogs in society? no doubt more revenue raising ways to restrict having and enjoying dogs.

  • Kath

    RSPCA is an absolute disgrace. When will they be accountable for their actions? When will the animals in their care become a priority??

  • Michelle

    More RSPCA lies, no surprises there. Imagine how many more we don’t know about. I have an RSPCA T-shirt that I won’t wear because it would be supporting them. Time to get out the marking pen, adjust the shirt and let people know the truth. I say a royal commission into the Royal Society!

  • Su

    RSPCA saying ‘dog has found a new home’ sounds very much like that old story told to children that their pet has gone to live on a lovely big farm where they can run free and chase rabbits but they can never go to visit them…..

  • No longer fooled

    It is time to take away the RSPCA’s business licence and non profit status and shut their facilities and prosecute those responsible for fraud and cruelty to animals. Simple.

  • Thats just plain wrong….on two counts. To put down dogs who have helped them out in the field is bad enough, obviously all with great temperaments, fit, healthy and above all adoptable, but to suggest that they found homes when in fact the RSPCA murdered them for more room, is misleading …I find this all very sad especially as I do own an RSPCA dog myself.

  • Julie

    Where is the accountability? Receiving millions in donations and government grants and still killing healthy rehomable dogs. This should be one for ICAC….not good enough RSPCA…RIP poor dogs

  • Profit

    Geez Kath, take a breath. Been burn’t by the RSPCA eh? Leave the hate and concentrate on solving the ‘problem’ of dogs and our society.

  • We want the truth

    Problem is the organisation is not accountable nor transparent. Question is; is their main reason for existence to pull in donations thereby ensuring jobs? Just because this charity appears to be there for animals doesnt mean their actions underpin their appearance. And it doesnt mean that all those employed actually give a toss about animals either.
    Please dont think this problem is isolated to NSW. Tasmania and Western Australia operations are I understand just as dodgy. Cases not prosecuted when the evidence is strong enough for a prosecution, information to members about vet attention supposedly given to animals which appears to be quite misleading…and on it goes.

  • Bella

    I believe there is a new CEO of RSPCA WA who is wanting to change things for the better for those animals that go into its care. If what I read is correct and my memory is right she is from the UK and couldnt understand why the kill rate was so high and hopes to introduce how it is operated in the UK, where things have improved greatly for some time.

  • Karen Camilleri

    How utterly pathetic heartless and unacceptable. falsley raising revenue and always receiving donations and support from the public, government funded and killing off so many healthy rehomable animals.
    what sort of message does this action send out to the public. heartless murderers.
    I used to donate and support RSPCA but since working in rescue personally have learnt the dirty back door tactics of the rspca and the underhanded lies and misconceptions they put out. more funds and support thanany other animal organisation and still senslessy murdering innocent rehomable pets. im disgusted and saddened

  • RSPCA refuse to work with other rescue groups to help reduce the numbers in thier care. What a load of rubbish from the money spinners!

  • I think RSPCA needs investigating. People donate money thinking it will be used towards helping animals….THIS IS NOT THE CASE obviously:( I am just so disgusted and angry that the people are being deceived over and over. I will NEVER donate to RSPCA ever again. Also I live in regional NSW and the RSPCA has NO interest in helping any animals at risk out here.

  • Another dirty little secret exposed of a multi million dollar organization who not only failed these poor dogs but continues to fail in so many other ways. The media spin is finally being questioned by the very people who have for so long been the true voice of animal welfare-The rescuers.

  • Kate Sidonie

    Steve Coleman, says “…we are an organisation striving to do better” The RSPCA is certainly striving to do better in terms of its wealthy share and investments, and the profits it makes, $10 million last year. Sadly, the kill rate for dogs and cats is 50% doesn’t seem to be much striving to save, and rehome the animals in their care. All the companion animals in their dubious “care” could be saved if Mr. Coleman was as sincere about animal welfare, as he is about accumulating profits.

  • Disgusted

    I used to help the RSPCA but NO MORE! I think the organisation stinks they do not care for animal welfare at all. Look at how much money is raised by them. All monies just go into investments and not into saving dogs, plus their temperament testing is outrageous! Where is the skill?? All my dogs I saved (I have 3 dogs) were saved from a local pound and if they had gone into the RSPCA wouldn’t have stood a chance. They are now well behaved, loving and well loved dogs. It takes time with some dogs to bring them around, after all if you were lost, abused or starved, and fearful of your life wouldn’t you be nervous and timid and if you were hungry, wouldn’t you try to keep your food and not let someone take it away.

    This organisation needs to wake up to itself. It needs investigating URGENTLY.

    I run a business and so do many of friends all animals lovers. No funds will ever go RSPCA way again!

  • I find this very disturbing. If that picture wasn’t meant to mislead anyone…why say the dogs had found a home..after they were already dead. I can see donations dropping off after this.

  • Bramblewood

    Another day; another RSPCA coverup. How long will this be allowed to continue?
    Wake up people of NSW – our taxes are subsidising the killing of perfectly healthy, rehomable animals. Other organisations have save statistics ten times higher than the RSPCA branches in the same areas. Literally – ten times higher!
    And for those well meaning people who donate to the RSPCA or leave bequests in their wills – rest assured, it is far more likely that your gift will be used to buy the drugs used to kill animals than it is that it will be used to save them.
    Shame RSPCA shame. No wonder Mr Coleman chooses to communicate through 20 second soundbites rather than participate in a debate. Big thumbs down.

  • Tee Kay

    I do not understand the mentality of the RSPCA in this matter.

    Surely by saying that 2 out of the 6 dogs had to be put down because they were unable to re-home them would be a better approach as it could be the catalyst for more people to become involved with adopting unwanted pets.

    If people see that they have a 100% success rate then they may not become involved due to thinking it is all under control.

  • I think it is disgusting that the RSPCA has mislead the good natured and generous people who donate to them, by using these dogs for fundraising, then kill them afterwards. Given the RSPCA made around $10 million profit last year, has something like around $40 million invested in shares & investments, got a $7.5 million grant from the state government, plus millions in donations, it’s high time that the RSPCA were held accountable for their actions.
    This event, the killing of these two dogs, is just the latest in a series of issues involving the RSPCA. Why do they have such a high kill rate for companion animals exceeding 50% when local community groups, working with council run pounds, can achieve far better? Why can pounds throughout the Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions get kill rates between 4% and 12%, whilst the RSPCA can’t get near it? Why won’t the RSPCA work with community based rescue groups? Why does the RSPCA have a behavioural test which kills far more than it saves? Why can the RSPCA branch in the ACT gain a kill rate of only 6.5% yet the NSW branch can’t?
    What is the RSPCA NSW doing with all the money they get? Does it go into saving the lives of the animals in their care or into their investment portfolio? Clearly the money raised didn’t go towards the saving of these two poor dogs.

  • And STILL the RSPCA lies continue!!!!!!!!!!!

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