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RSPCA refuses debate



  • A request put to RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman to participate in a televised debate with local lawyer Anne Greenaway, has been declined.A request put to RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman to participate in a televised debate with local lawyer Anne Greenaway, has been declined.

A REQUEST put to RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman to participate in a televised debate with local lawyer Anne Greenaway, has been declined.

The Companion animal lawyer challenged the CEO to defend the kill rate statistics in the RSPCA report for 2011.

Ms Greenaway is querying the medical and behavioural criteria used to determine which animals are euthanased and which are rehomed.

The lawyer said the RSPCA should make the temperament test (or behavioural assessment), available for public scrutiny.

Mr Coleman said in response to the challenge: “In terms of a debate, it seems futile given RSPCA – without any legal obligation – happily and transparently publishes statistics, warts and all.”

“We aren’t trying to hide from the public, the RSPCA simply exists because of the public.

“Rather than a debate, perhaps Anne could focus her energy and passion into helping to prevent animals from ending up in shelters in the first place,” he said.

Mr Coleman said the RSPCA was investing in, as well managing livestock related matters, investigating cruelty matters, lobbying for better welfare legislation, developing partnerships with Petbarn, and integrating new programs such as Drives for Lives to assist in the rehoming of animals across the state.

RSPCA NSW is always open to improvements and is already well aware of the concerns from the public in regards to the perceived high euthanasia rates, he said.

“Each year the RSPCA works toward reducing the number of unwanted animals that end up with them.

He said they usually have severe behavioural or medical issues.

Mr Coleman said the RSPCA is involved in educating the public by working with pet owners in the community, including pensioners, low income earners, welfare groups, the elderly, indigenous groups and the homeless.

“We also increase the number of animals being rehomed through dog rehabilitation programs, robust foster care networks, volunteers and ongoing improvements/training in animal behavioural testing and other operations/service at all the shelters across NSW,” he said.

Mr Coleman made no comment regarding the temperament test.




  • over it • 5 days ago

    lets fix the problem by shutting down every puppy farm and desexing all animals sold through pet shops and crack down on back yard breeders.RSPCA what do you have to hide???

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    TS • 6 days ago

    There is no disputing that companion animals are in vast oversupply , due to Puppy farms and BYB’s and completely in adequate and uncaring legislation,  however the behaviour of the RPSCA NSW and similar large organisations is also highly disreputable. They are akin to the Coles and Woolworths of the grocery market. These large organisations are business first and a caring shelter last. Their charter is chase more and more funds at any cost, and to hell with the animals outcome. Therefore they will happily sign up to more councils and take more and more animals than they knowingly will ever be able rehome and manage/have room for.   Remember they even make money from the destrucation of animals by selling the corpsesvals for blood and bone. In the case of the RSPCA  they then devise a  completely unfair temperament and administer it in a way designed to fail the animals, so as to in some way justify their destruction rates to the public by saying so rehomable animal was destroyed .  The RPSCA Victoria have similar high euthanasia rates as NSW and similar policies . Since the Lost Dogs Home took over Brisbane City Council shelter from AWL Qld the euthanasia rate has noticably climbed.  The reality is, if there were such a  high number of animals with behavioural issues then Council run shelters and No kill rescue groups would be would be constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons. Little wonder Mr Coleman refuses to debate to Ms Geenaway. You can’t defend the indefensible. Finally take a look at the SCPA  New Zealand (no affiliation to the RSPCA) saving lives http://rnzspca.org.nz/saving-l… and you will see the total contrast in the organisations. No good enough RSPCA!

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    Karen • 5 days ago

    The NSW RSPCA was included on the NSW Animal Taskforce panel and yet Steve Coleman has the audacity to state that Ms Greenaway would be best served in focusing her energy and passion into preventing animals from ending up in shelters. Honestly what do you think she is doing? Ms Greenaway’s work is focussed on helping these animals, it is a shame the RSPCA as a voice on the Taskforce panel is yet to provide final recommendations with clear policies to reduce the kill rate. While we are still waiting for these recommendations further animals die. Steve Coleman if you cared about these high kill rates you would be called to urgent action..

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    Mel • 5 days ago

    Steve, you’re a gutless wonder, if it wasn’t for your determination to needlessly kill cats and dogs I would be laughing at your pathetic self. Honestly, I’ve seen terrified wild cats with more courage in one little paw that Steve has in his whole body. By the way ratepayer I, as is the case with many other
    Australians, feed, desex and care for those wild and community cats out of my own pocket you ill
    informed ignoramus- grow a brain! Anyone with any knowledge of rescue or the RSPCA knows they are far from transparent with their stats- there’s so much room for fudging that you could drive a herd of cattle through there. If that’s Steve’s proof that the RSPCA has nothing to hide, then he hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Good lord, they weren’t even willing to share their temperament test with the public or media until their hand was forced. Steve’s idea of working with rescue groups is allowing them to pay the RSPCA money for the “privilege” of reducing RSPCA’s workload and doing the job the RSPCA should already be doing. No wonder everyone told you where to stick it, grass roots rescue groups around Australia would rather kill ourselves doing everything we can to prevent animals being handed over to the RSPCA than give you one red cent. You’re nothing but a parasite and I think if the rest of the RSPCA board hasn’t figured out yet that you’re a liability, they will soon. When the most common cause of death for Australian companion animals every year is entry into our most well known and well funded animal rescue organisations you know you’ve got a problem. If anyone is inclined to blindly place their faith in Steve and the RSPCA NSW, I encourage you to educate yourself, get involved, you don’t have to take our word for it. You’ll soon learn not to trust Steve as far as you can throw him. While Steve is the laughing stock of the animal welfare community, Nathan Winograd is getting included in the Forbes 15 key thinkers of the year. No Kill is not only possible, as has been proven where the No Kill Equation has been implemented, it is the way of the future.

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    Mel Hancock • 5 days ago

    Well thats a pity. It would be nice to have some open dialogue between the RSPCA, concerned professionals and citizens and other rescue groups. Perhaps then we could get better results for the animals who cop the brunt of our decisions.

  • Tee Kay5 days ago

    “We aren’t trying to hide from the public, the RSPCA simply exists because of the public.” and “Mr Coleman said the RSPCA is involved in educating the public…” Well if that is the case then please make the temperament test available for public scrutiny.

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    Kate Sidonie • 5 days ago

    We need a debate!!! Mr. Coleman, is obvioulksly too busy to mention the RSPCA’s share and investment portfolio of $30 million, plus the $7.5 million grant from the NSW government. The wealth of the RSPCA is in sad contrast to the massive kill rates 50% of animals entering the RSPCA lose their lives. I would love a debate, We need public scrutiny to save all the healthy animals killed by this so-called animal welfare organization.

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    Jo • 5 days ago

    I am a foster carer for a rescue group and I must say that many of the dogs that we rescue, that would have what the RSPCA claims are “severe behavioural” issues are just scared and frightened animals. Take them away from the daunting pound environment and place them into a loving home and these poor darlings true pleasant and loving natures are clearly evident. Please don’t tell me that 50% of the dogs and cats that come into their so called “protection” have behavioural issues so severe that all of them need to be killed! I have seen their temperament test and there is no way my placid pooch or any pooch belonging to any of my friends would pass such a test that was designed to make these animals fail. How exactly is a dog to be penalised for not sitting on command in the company of strangers? An untrained, frightened, neglected, or abused dog is most commonly NOT a viscious dog. Shame on you RSPCA. I have a huge network of friends and I for one have ensured that not one person I know will ever donate to the RSPCA again until they learn that they are there for one purpose only and that is to protect animals. Not kill at least half of them. I pity the poor lost and frightened animals to step foot into an RSPCA premise

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    Dr Barbara Trytko • 5 days ago

    There is no doubt the primary problem is with oversupply and the attitude of owners. So why isn’t the RSPCA doing more to address this issue on which there is minimal advertising? If oversupply is unable to be managed, then the RSPCA has been given a myriad of resources by the community and government to deal with this to the benefit of companion animals not their bank balance. I would refute Steve Coleman’s claim that RSPCA only euthenases dogs with severe behavioural issues. As breed specific rescue for Alaskan malamutes, we have a number of testimonials from people who have adopted dogs that have failed assessment, and are wonderful doggie citizens outside of the RSPCA. The only reason they were not euthenased at the time of surrender or impound was that they were lucky that one of the managers at the shelters they were left at were prepared to contact rescue. We have proof this is definitely not the case across the board and for all such dogs.

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    Katt’s • 5 days ago

    Coleman is aware of the publics concern of the “PERCEIVED” high euthanasia rates….????
    Fact is FACT from RSPCAs own statistics…. Close to 60% kill rate SHOULD be a concern for the public!!!!

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    Concerned • 5 days ago

    @ratepayer and @gemma it concerns me that despite all the discussion and media coverage around the unnecessary high kill rate of the RSPCA you still don’t understand the overall issue. It is not about stock piling sick and anti social animals and there is no level headed approach.
    A RSPCA shelter is supposed to be a safe place for animals where they have a second chance of a happy and healthy life. This is what the public thinks and supports without knowing that in fact once an animal lands in the pound it is very likely killed. The high kill rate of healthy animals who are wrongly labelled unsuitable for re-homing is the main concern, followed by the RSPCA’s inability to work with other rescue groups and gross financial mismanagement.
    The RSPCA prides itself in publishing its kill rate without any legal obligation which is true and somewhat noble if it were not in the form of endless numbers on a spreadsheet that the general public does not read. The greyhound racing industry also publishes figures but who cares? The data must be presented in a form that is easily accessible and digestible otherwise it has no impact at all.

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    compassionkat • 5 days ago

    The RSPCA refuses to debate the issue, and Mr. Coleman made no comment regarding the temp. test. This article is a supreme lesson in ‘spin doctoring.’ Mr. Coleman will the massive kill-rates at the RSPCA continue unabated? The debate did not happen, because we all know the RSPCA has too many secrets to hide.

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    Anne Greenaway • 5 days ago

    RATEPAYER – Your comments show ignorance in the first degree. The issue is the temperament test used to kill high numbers of cats and dogs.

    While MEDICAL and BEHAVIOURAL issues are used as an excuse to kill the reasons for the killings WILL NEVER be investigated.

    If the NSW RSPCA were HONEST and said they were killing for space, or killing due to the animals time being up, that would be bad enough but to use a flawed temperament test, often administered by inexperienced people in a strange environment to kill animals with treatable illnesses or who are afraid is reprehensible and a breach of donors trust – who give their money (in good faith) to the RSPCA in the belief that it will care and protect animals, not kill them.

  • Avatar
    Angel Dust • 5 days ago

    All of these statements are things I have NEVER seen implemented, (Mr Coleman said the RSPCA is involved in educating the public by working
    with pet owners in the community, including pensioners, low income
    earners, welfare groups, the elderly, indigenous groups and the
    homeless. ) I am a pet owner and never been informed about any of these things?? RSPCA’s silence about peoples outcry of the amount of animals killed is a disgrace, Coleman certainly would not want to debate the issue, becasue he has no intention of changing the statas quo, they think they are a law unto themselves and have to answer to no one. Well when enough people stop donating and ask for the resignation of the CEO and board, then they might consider doing something different. The RSPCA in ACT run by Michael Linke, has turned that establishment around to very low kill, if he can do this then why can’t the NSW branch and all braches. I know where my donations will go, certainly NOT to the RSPCA.

  • Avatar
    Julie • 5 days ago

    The RSPCA is funded by Government grants and the general public….why then can’t they be transparent about “the temperament test”…..makes me wonder what they have to hide?

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    compassionkat • 5 days ago

    Mr. Coleman says the RSPCA”… happily and transparently publishes statistics, warts and all.” Great, Steve, then why did you back out of the challenge. It was an opportunity for you to talk transparently about the kill-rates, the temp, test, the behavioural, and medical reasons for killing all those thousands of healthy cats and dogs. The public are growing suspicious. Steve, I noticed you refrained from mentioning the temp. test. What was it you said about transparentcy, and warts and all???

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    Angel dog • 5 days ago

    Unbelievable mr Coleman….what have you got to hide, I guess a good debate with Annie Greenaway has sent you packing. You owe it to the public to answer our questions. To have the hide to tell miss Greenaway to concentrate on helping the animals more. Well mr Coleman, she is…..we want the RSPCA get up and tell the public why their behavioural tests are acceptable and why they believe it works. Also, the kill rate, why is it so high? You have refused to work with rescue groups so get off your high horse and do this debate. 95 percent of the public believe RSPCA are not for animal welfare but another hideous money making business and use the animals for a cover. Your an utter disgrace Steve Coleman and along with thousands of others i will not support RSPCA ever again, unless your policies change…..grow some balls mr Coleman and do the debate.

  • Judy Fuller5 days ago

    definitely NOT good enough Steve Coleman and therefore RSPCA NSW…grow some balls and face the music in a public arena

    “He said they usually have severe behavioural or medical issues.” ….MASSIVE UNTRUTH

    “Rather than a debate, perhaps Anne could focus her energy and passion into helping to prevent animals from ending up in shelters in the first place,” Anne is already extremely active all matters relating to animal welfare

    “Mr Coleman said the RSPCA was investing in, as well managing livestock related matters, investigating cruelty matters, lobbying for better welfare legislation, developing partnerships with Petbarn, and integrating new programs such as Drives for Lives to assist in the rehoming of animals across the state.” ummm, you forgot to meantion the massive share portfilio which was created by donations and bequests from the public, thinking they were supporting displaced animals…………

    ….The public would like to hear the TRUTH, for the first time

    ….RSPCA NSW need to admit…THEY STUFFED UP and continue to do so…

    ….they need accept the helping hands that are being offered to help the abandoned animals of this state

    ….they MUST put the animals before $$$$

    ….RSPCA NSW needs immediate restructure right to the top levels with people that have a HEART and COMPASSION and who are prepared to listen to the public and put the animals FIRST

  • Mariette Blackmore5 days ago

    Dear Ratepayer, Gemma and ‘Qualified Individual’, from your comments, it is obvious that you really have no clue as to what is going on, and also that you really do not care what happens to our companion animals. The people posting here, including me, have been very much involved in animal issues and rescuing from pounds and shelters. I say, “Thank God for Animal Activists!”, they genuinely care abut animals and are doing something about how they are treated. If everthing was left to people like you, animal welfare would still be in the dark ages.

    For your information, NSW RSPCA kills 40% of the dogs that come into its ‘care’. Compare that to a number of council pounds, eg. Wyong, Blacktown, with kill-rates of 10-14%. Ask yourselves, how can these council pounds, without the facilities, the staff, the $$$Milions that the RSPCA has, manage to do that, whereas the RSPCA cannot? It is because they work with small rescue groups, dedicated people, who expend their time, energy and money on saving as many lives as possible.

    There are not so many sick or behaviourally unsound animals as the RSPCA wants you to believe. It is their method of testing animals that is the root of the problem, where dogs are failed for behaving like dogs. These tests are being used incorrectly and are used as an excuse to kill, because that is the easiest way out. Steve Coleman does not want to discuss these tests.

    ‘Qualified Individual’, you have no idea how qualified Ms Greenaway is. She is obviously way more qualified than you for starters.

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      Qualified Individual • 5 days agoparent

      Ms Greenaway has absolutely no qualifications in medical or behavioural science. One may as well debate a primary school student for all she knows on the topics at hand.

  • David Atwell5 days ago

    Why won’t Coleman answer these issues? What has he got to hide? He doesn’t mind going on the Insight SBSTV program, and makes various statements and slandering the rescue groups, so why won’t he debate with them in a free and open encounter?

    The RSPCA have a moral duty toward the public given all the millions in donations which they constantly ask for.

    They also have a legal duty to report to the various councils, which they have contracts with, also worth millions of dollars.

    They also got a $7.5 million grant from the state government which they need to answer for.

    But overall they must be help accountable for what they do whether Coleman likes it or not. If they expect millions in donations, get millions in state government grants, get millions in council contracts, then they have to perform to the public’s expectations.

    Yet with high kill rates exceeding 50%, an inspectorate which makes constant mistakes, a share & investment portfolio of over $30 million, the RSPCA is hardly meeting those public expectations. Police, government departments, corporations, politicans, and everyone else has to answer to someone for their actions. So it’s about time the RSPCA was likewise held accountable for theirs as well.

  • Juta Stokes5 days ago

    That the RSPCA releases carefully processed statistics does not make them AT ALL transparent. Mr Coleman is just protecting his own position as he realises that people who actually care what happens to these animals are getting organised and informed.

  • Avatar
    Marg • 5 days ago

    I suggest to the Rate Payer that it’s not the RSPCA that are housing those that are sick dogs and or dogs that have behavioural issues it’s actually the people who opt to adopt from the Rescue Groups. The groups who work hard to place the dogs and cats that the RSPCA put to sleep because they do not pass a “temp test”. I have two of those “so called dogs”. Those so called dogs have a right to a life. Further more RSPCA did educate me….I watched one of their “feel good” programs where they temp tested a dog for 3 weeks, that was dumped in Callan Park and because it did not pass the so called “test” they put it to sleep. It turned me off the RSPCA for LIFE.

  • Avatar
    Vin • 5 days ago

    maybe ratepayer should go to one of the so called shelters and see first hand the number of dogs and cats killed who have nothing wrong with them…His comments are unsubstantiated…. only a small percentage are sick animals or very aggressive.. get your facts right ratepayer before you comment.

  • Avatar
    ruth king • 5 days ago

    why on earth would anyone think the RSPCA would enter in to a debate? They would be stupid to set themselves up for a pie in the face with their very flawed temperament testing. Even country pounds working with rescue groups can get their kill rates to under 5%. You cant convince people that the RSPCA get a much worse class of dog through their doors. scorecard? FAIL

  • Avatar
    loolaa • 5 days ago

    Te RSPCA should be shut down and face a royal commission investigation, Steve Coleman is an absolute disgrace, he does not care about animals great or small all he cares about is the $$ great and small!! I hope this issue keeps gaining momentum until he and his hierarchy cohorts are held accountable for all the needless killings and dollars they have scammed, any other organization with results like this would have been disbanded years ago!! To many fingers in to many pies and pockets. SHAME STEVE COLEMAN!!

  • Caren Halliwell5 days ago

    Doesn’t it make sense? He’s seamlessly stopped the public’s interest in being shown the RSPCA ‘temperament test’ and taken the argument straight back to public irresponsibility. Pets aren’t in oversupply, Aussies buy 600,000 pets per year, the RSPCA gets their hands on 250,000. They’re wonderful at avoiding the real issue, they don’t make it easy to reclaim pets. I had a chihuahua for less then 6 hours, he was taken to the RSPCA by the council. I went to the RSPCA in a panic over him(a train and a bus ride with my assist dog and my wheelchair, FUN). He was there for an hour, it cost me $260 to get him back, that’s BEFORE the council fees. He’d had his fur trimmed too, probably so I wouldn’t recognise him, he knew me though! I was told the council had ordered him killed because he wasn’t registered. Not only did they ‘require’ registration within 6 hours, they’d happily kill an ANKC purebred without checking for a microchip…BASTARDS!

  • Avatar
    Marree • 5 days ago

    gutless! Steve Coleman, very disappointing, stand up and dont just duck and weave. Things need to change NOW!

  • Avatar
    Tess • 5 days ago

    More lies from Steve Coleman. We’ve all heard the many horror stories of the RSPCA NSW killing perfectly healthy family pets just for expediency. Open up your coffers Steve Coleman and spend some of your bankroll on a free or cheap desexeing program.

  • Pam Holmes5 days ago

    Qualified Individual,

    If what you say is true (I suggest you leave this to the professionals, people who take a level headed approach to the management of these animals) Why not have a debate?, it would be a great opportunity to show rescue in a bad light , line em up and knock em down ( if they can!).
    why not have a debate with a Animal Rescue group who have operated as non kill for many years and rescued and rehomed over 15000 cats and dogs from several “deathrow pounds in rural regions? why not, come on Steve Coleman lets debate with someone who knows every aspect first hand and is one of the “coal face: people who have proven HOW it all should be done and has done it without the huge donations that the RSPCA has at its disposal-just imagine what this group ( and others ) could do with some of that $30 odd million?, Just imagine
    Lets talk turkey!

  • Avatar
    not for profit • 5 days ago

    maybe people should notify the queen & her office, maybe protests as I believe Charles & the missus are coming soon…….and im sure they would hate to lose the “R” in rspca…… maybe the royals could add a little heat to the fire, they arent much good for anything else……

  • Eric5 days ago

    Coleman claims, “We aren’t trying to hide from the public…” Then why, Mr. Coleman, are you hiding your policy from the public? I can appreciate not wanting to debate, but the real issue here is the behavioral test the RSPCA is using to determine whether an animal has even a chance to be adopted. Your unwillingness to share that test with the public would indicate to me you are in someway ashamed or embarrassed by it. Don’t forget, Mr. Coleman, you also said, “The RSPCA simply exists because of the public.” The public want answers. The public want disclosure. The public want an answer.

  • Avatar
    compassionkat • 4 days ago

    lI am gratified to hear Steve Coleman, uses the term “..happily and transparently…” it has a nice ring to it. I would like to know the annual salary paid to the CEO of RSPCA NSW. I know you will gladly divulge this information , Steve, all in the spirit of “happily transparenty…”

  • Avatar
    susan hall • 5 days ago

    Rspca please let rescues work with you. They will help save lives of scared pets. They will retrain and desexed the pets and have them returned to society as a well balanced pooch. Please if you love animals you must grow and learn from your mistakes.

  • Avatar
    Michelle101 • 5 days ago

    Mr Coleman should be sacked and a govt enquiry to proceed. It’s time the public heard the truth about the RSPCA, the Lost Dogs Home and the myth!!!

  • Avatar
    Paul Archer • 5 days ago

    Mr Coleman claims that they have programs working on saving lives. Their website certainly shows that….. So why have RSPCA NSW rehome numbers remained more or less static for the past 5 years, with a corresponding high kill statistic?? Programs not working perhaps? What HAS changed is the reported increase in numbers of animals “not rehomable because of illness and behaviour”. This means they can now report a higher percent of rehomed animals (compared to not rehomable) , but the overall kill numbers remain the same. Anne Greenaway has done a great service to the animals of NSW by bringing all this out. If Mr Coleman is so certain of his facts and campaigns , why is he reluctant to an open debate and discussion……that is badly needed.

  • Tegan Whalan3 days ago

    Nothing made my skin crawl more than the comment “perhaps Anne could focus her energy and passion into helping to prevent animals from ending up in shelters in the first place”. Mr Coleman needs to get his message straight. I thought animals were being killed at RSPCA NSW because they had “severe behavioural or medical issues”, not because there were too many animals entering the facility. Furthermore, the RSPCA is for “the prevention of cruelty to animals”. My mistake, I thought animals that entered their care would be safe from slaughter. If the RSPCA NSW no longer wants to receive animals, then they should close their shelter doors and let a real, humane, and ethical rescue group help animals that inevitably end up in rescue. If they want to operate a shelter, they need to get with the times, and start doing it right – and by ‘right’ I mean without killing pets for convenience.

  • Christopher Roubis4 days ago

    in 2011 NSW RSPCA’s profits were 15 million.. still not enough to rescue animals in need, unless of course the cameras are out.
    Please guys, when the RSPCA refuse to go out and help a poor animal, just mention that you called up the media and they are expecting RSPCA to help.

  • Pam Holmes5 days ago

    Just want to question for Steve Coleman-
    RSPCA’s new program ‘DRIVE FOR LIVES’ to assist in the re homing across the state. We believe this program is one of many new damage control measures and apparently follows on from RSPCA NSW contacting small rescue groups around the state! offering to take animals from small rescue that they can’t handle or offer to take animals from a problem area to other NOT problem area or to their shelters for re homing. RSPCA says they have made otherwise ‘unused vehicles’ now be available to move animals around the state, thereby working with rescue groups!
    RSPCA has been asked several times which small rescue groups have agreed to work with you? they say due to confidentiality they can’t say!

    The reality is no-one yet knows of any small rescue group, all mainly No-kill or Low- kill that have or would give their rescued animals over to RSPCA for re homing or allow them to be transferred to another area.

    How can RSPCA offer a ‘Drives for Lives’ program to help other rescue groups around the state save animals when their head office shelter kills over 50% of animals for temp test reasons? This ‘Drives for Lives’ program is yet another RSPCA program created to look good on paper and for media quotes yet means nothing, also look at their programs named ‘LIVING RUFF’ the homeless and ‘Desexing for rural and indigenous areas’ all on paper for the media, yet RSPCA has received grants of approx $45,000 for each such program from relevant government departments. Yet in our North coast NSW region heavily dependent on welfare, none of these RSPCA programs are available for the many homeless people with pets or to help desex animals owned by disadvantaged rural or indigenous people. Many people in crisis have called RSPCA for help from here but are referred to us small groups.

    So RSPCA where are you spending all the public’s animal welfare donations and government grants you receive?

    RSPCA stop conning the public and the government you are not doing your job.

  • Pam Holmes5 days ago

    Steve Coleman-as Phillip Wollen has recently said “People with nothing to hide, hide nothing”
    RSPCA-start doing your job of PREVENTING cruelty to animals OR get out of the way because we are sick of doing the work for you AND we don’t get paid for it AND we don’t have a “vested interest ” we just want to stop the killing NOW.
    Well said everyone !!

  • Avatar
    christy • 5 days ago

    we work in unison with rescue groups on cats and we have in our six years of operation not refused to pick up one abandoned or dumped cat and all those cats I am glad to say went to non kill shelters. It is a crime to abandon a cat when you move or sell or just dump your unwanted litters in the bush but dispite numerous occassions were we have the tenant and the cats proof of ownership not once has the RSPCA come out to collect these cats or to prosecution nor have they seen fit to try and education the public by advertisement or other means of media so the dumping keeps going and the small rescues have to pick up.

  • Avatar
    ratepayer • 8 days ago

    Obviously the RSPCA CEO has more important things to do than engage in a televised war of words with Ms Greenaway who is revealing herself to be an animal rights extremist in the first degree.
    Have some commonsense, you can’t just stockpile sick, anti-social and unwanted animals.
    Would you be prepared to house these animals Ms Greenaway? Would you be prepared to feed them and care for them? Would you be prepared to pay for medical treatment when needed?
    I suggest you leave this to the professionals, people who take a level headed approach to the management of these animals.

    • Avatar
      Anne Greenaway • 5 days agoparent

      By professionals, do you mean the RSPCA in the ACT where they have a 6.5% kill rate for animals, or do you mean Wyong pound (an open admission pound) with a kill rate of around 10%? Have you seen the temp test ratepayer. Obviously not. I have.

      Thankfully this state of affairs has been aired in the Newcastle Herald for over a week. There are a large number of community rescue groups there and people have responded with understandable outrage now this test is all out in the open as well as the high kill rates which are not showing at other open admission facilities.

    • Avatar
      Angel Dust • 5 days agoparent

      What is more important than saving the lives of innocent animals? Please enlighten me! What makes you think being an animal activist is a *dirty word*, I would think *animal killer* would be something far worse to wear as a label. Rescue groups take in sick and injured animals each day and care for them with their own funds, a far cry from the RSPCA’s multi million dollar donation coffers. And yes, Rescue does feed and care for them, until they find a forever home that is suitable for them. Why not become a foster carer for a Rescue group and see what the grass is like on the other side.

      • Avatar
        Mel Hancock • 5 days agoparent

        Totally agree Angel. I am a foster carer are I pay for all of the dogs needs with my own money but I take heart that I saved his life and am trying to find him his furever home.

    • Avatar
      Gemma • 7 days agoparent

      Well said. No doubt Ms Greenaway means well but there are sound reasons for the RSPCAs policies and procedures. The RSPCA does a great job rehousing thousands of animals each year in Dubbo. Perhaps Ms Greenaway should put more effort into the reasons there are so many animals for the RSPCA to deal with eg back yard breeders, dangerous dogs being kept in back yards etc.

      • Eric4 days agoparent

        The argument here, Gemma, is that Coleman and the RSPCA refuse to reveal the specifics of the policies they use to determine whether an animal is “fit” to rehome. Releasing a well-thought out policy that is implemented fairly should not be a problem. The fact that Coleman refuses to release the policy makes it suspect.

      • Avatar
        Paul Archer • 5 days agoparent

        Yes, she does that as well Gemma

  • Avatar
    Gayl Deveney • 5 days ago

    What a gutless wonder you are Steve Coleman; what are you running from? What have you got to hide? You mouthed off on the SBS Insight program that RSPCA do work with some rescue groups…well then Mr Coleman why haven’t you answered my letters asking for the name of these rescue groups? I do not believe a word that comes out of your mouth; if in fact you do work with rescue groups I believe that they would appreciate the publicity. So what are you hiding? You are a heartless piece of work and your only concern is the $$$$. The public should demand an answer from you and your “friends” about the why you use the temp test which is set up to fail nearly every dog. Is it just easier for you to kill them and get them out of the way instead of showing them some tlc and rehab if needed. I have a small 6 year old dog that doesn’t return the ball to me…that’s 20 points against him, I believe!!! I actually did the whole test with him, placing him a strange, cold, uncaring pound situation. He scored 264 points Mr Coleman so I suppose you would kill him!! Tell me, are you afraid of debating with Annie Greenaway because you know what she will uncover? Be a man, wipe that stupid smirk off your face and have an HONEST debate….the public and the ANIMALS deserve this!!!

  • Avatar
    Qualified Individual • 5 days ago

    Why would anyone want to debate Ms Greenaway on an area in which she has no expertise? Even the thought of such a debate is ludicrous. If a suitable person with recognised qualifications requested a debate it might be a different matter altogether. It’s little wonder this proposition will never be entertained.

    • Avatar
      Tee Kay • 5 days agoparent

      Anne Greenaway is a lawyer with Lawyers For Companion Animals so I think that makes her qualified.

    • Avatar
      Anne Greenaway • 5 days agoparent

      No expertise? I don’t think so. I have an economics degree, a law degree, and got HD’s in statistics at University. I have read a number of articles on temperament testing and am in regular contact with academics, dog trainers and rescue groups who work at the coal face. What a shame since you are so “qualified” you don’t have the courage to post under your own name. The only thing you seem qualified for is “stirring the pot”.

    • Leanne Cork5 days agoparent

      Qualified Individual, Anne Greenaway has more expertise in this matter than you give her credit for. The temperament test is causing the death of good healthy animals. Steve Coleman says the RSPCA is transparent, yet he hasn’t got the balls to debate. What is he scared of ?

    • Avatar
      Orlando Browning • 5 days agoparent

      Anne Greenaway is one of the most qualified persons to debate this issue. She is a Lawyer for Companion Animals, a person of impressive intellectual ability, and she is compassionate towards the plight of companion animals. What are Steve Coleman’s qualifications, besides, being known for the mass kill-rate of dogs and cats at the RSPCA?

      • Avatar
        Qualified Individual • 5 days agoparent

        Ms Greenaway has ZERO qualifications in behavioural or medical science yet she wants to debate on those topics. What a waste of time. The only possible purpose a debate would serve is to foster Ms Greenaway’s attention seeking behaviour. End of debate.

    • Avatar
      Mel Hancock • 5 days agoparent

      Then who would be qualified? You? Annie puts herself out there and states who she is and what she stands for. You, Qualified Individual stand behind an alias and do not state what your qualifications are. Are you with the RSPCA??? Who are you?

    • Avatar
      Kate Sidonie • 5 days agoparent

      The proposition was not entertained, because, Steve Coleman does not want the truth about the temp. tasts, and the high kill-rates revealed. Anne Greenaway is a Lawyer for Companion Animals, with extensive knowledge in the area of animal rescue. I wonder about the CV of Qualified Individual.

  • Avatar
    Nicola Smith • 2 days ago

    If we’re going to debate qualifications, it’s probably quite telling that Coleman’s qualifications are in business administration. Guess he needs that to manage all the millions, to organise propaganda and to hide from the tough questions. Let’s see the temperament test in full …

    • Avatar
      Qualified individual • a day agoparent

      Quite an appropriate qualification for him to hold given his position one would think. Ms Greenaway would be qualified to represent in court of law, not debate behaviour policy with a business executive. What would a debate between this pair achieve? Most with any common sense realise that all Ms Greenaway is doing is seeking attention. She would be much better served by volunteering her services to perform additional behavioural assessments once she acquires a relative qualification to do so.

  • Avatar
    Gayl • 5 days ago

    Show your face Steve Coleman…where are you hiding?

  • Avatar
    Charlotte • 5 days ago

    Why is the RSPCA refusing to debate this issue? The public do not want to see the “warts and all” continuing Mr Coleman. We want the killing to stop. You should be ashamed that your kill rate is so high. It is time you left and a new compassionate commited management team run the RSPCA. You are continuing to tarnish the RSPCA whilst you remain.

  • Avatar
    Stop factory farming! • 5 days ago

    I agree puppy and kitten farming is a disgrace. We need more laws to prevent this and serious consequences for mistreatment of animals. Factory faming of any animal should be banned. RSPCA should not run from an opprtunity to raise awareness and increase community confidence. Tail between your legs perhaps? Not 100% your fault. And attaking the RSPCA is not the answer ether.

  • Linda White5 days ago

    Well the RSPCA in South Australia is failing even worse. They fail to work with rescue groups here in South Australia. They will not work with Lost Dogs of Adelaide facebook page to help reunite pets with their owners. These are simple and effective strategies to help reduce the no of companion animals put to sleep every day. I have to wonder…have they forgotten what they are there for???

  • Avatar
    compassionkat • 5 days ago

    Steve Coleman, says, ” RSPCA NSW is aways open to improvements…” the debate would have given Steve a chance to discuss possible improvements. A zero-kill policy would be a great improvement for all the animals in Steve’s dubious care, another improvement would be a new CEO for RSCPA NSW.


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